Sion is a pentecostal church located in Szeged. We are a Community church which meets every Sunday for worship, fellowship, prayer and Bible teaching. We have a lively children’s church full of fun, learning and chaos. There are homegroups located in Szeged and neighbouring villages.

We meet every Sunday at 10am in the basement at gogol ut. 7 67622. Our time together is spent in worship, fellowship, prayer and teaching.

We are a Hungarian Pentecostal church but there are lots of us who speak English either as a first or second language.

Meet the Elders

Sion is lead by an eldership. We are each very different but together we make an awesome team (and together fight crime as superheroes in Szeged). We do most things together but each of us has an area which we are passionate and responsible for

Andy Cheesman

Andy is responsible for Sunday gatherings including organising the worship, teaching themes and teams. Andy also takes care of the webpage and all things English. He is responsible for 94.2% of all the terrible Hungarian here :) He has a small farm in Balástya; loves to play football and is a passionate England rugby fan

Miklós Csaba

Csaba is Awesome! He oversees the pastoral care of the church, making sure that we don’t forget or leave anyone behind. He also looks after the money

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