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September is here and life returns to to a familiar rhythm after a hot summer. The new academic term brings lots of joys, funs, struggles and problems for both teachers and students.

So far this year, Sion has looked at practical wisdom in James; taking the promised land with Joshua and who is Jesus in Mark’s Gospel. This autumn we will turn our attention to Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians and this will take us up to Advent.

The Corinthian church was an exciting place to be - God was doing lots but there were lots of problems and division within the church. Paul’s letter addresses these issues and is about what does it mean to be church.

One thing which the eldership would love in Sion is for people to become more active in ministry. Church isn’t and shouldn’t be a place where the leadership turn up and do things whilst the church sits back and enjoys the show. We are planning ways for training and equipping everyone in the church to do what God has called them for whether inside or outside of the church.

This term, there are two thoughts which resonate in my heart. The first is Asking, Seeking and Knocking. Jesus mentioned these things in Luke 11v9 and we really want to see some changes in our lives/family/Szeged. We feel that prayer is the way forward and we are encouraging you to Ask God into your situations and for him to make changes; Seek ways in which you can be the answer to your prayers and Knock, keeping on asking, seeking until you see some fruits. Don’t do it on your own, find someone in the church to pray with, maybe on the bus, over coffee, it doesn’t have to be in church!

The other is word from when a team from Sion visited the woodlands christian Centre (, Samm and Andy’s UK church) in Bristol. Rob, the senior pastor prayed these words for us

Ears to hear

Eyes to see

Hands to minister

in the power of the Holy spirit

We want this to be prayer of the church that we all would able to hear then see God then serve in the power of the Holy Spirit as we Ask,** Seek** and **Knock**.


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