Winter News 2017

January is nearly finished and there looks to be no end to the coldness. I’m rubbish at spring cleaning. Every time I start a job, I get distracted by the old things that I find along the way and hours later, I have made a bigger mess and the initial job still needs to be done.

This year will be a pivotal year for the church with lots of changes happening. In the midst of these new things coming and old things going, it is important that we don’t lose sight of Jesus, the leading of the Holy Spirit and our calling.

What we stay focused on is a good question and really important. Church can become so busy with doing secondary stuff that we lose our first love. Remember that without love, we are nothing (1 Corinthians 13).

This term, we’re hosting a conference with a team from Bristol on the first weekend in March. This will be a time for training and equipping to help us shine as Christians for Jesus in our everyday lives.

In church, we will be looking at the pre-Abraham story, the early stories of Humanity, and looking at why we, Szeged and the world need Easter. This part of the Bible seems to be be written in a very different style from other parts of the Bible and full of crazy stories and it is very controversial.

As we move from Christmas to Easter via Lent, it may be be a good time to refocus on God and rediscover his love and calling during the time of fasting. This can only happen by his Spirit working in us. Lets make time for this to happen. Also, every Tuesday from 1pm, I’m praying inside Dom Ter for about 20 -30 mins – feel free to come and join me

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