The Gospel According To Columbo
Columbo is a great detective and loved over all the world - He even has a statue in Budapest. He looks messy and seems a bit distracted and completely disorganised but when he is about to leave the crime scene, he scratches his head and utters the famous phrase “Just one more thing” and asks a great question. He always gets his man or woman. Each episode unfolds in the same way. Több

Worship In Lent 2016
Category:News I drive from Balastya to Szeged so many times that I think that the car could drive itself home. I know all the bends and holes in the road. However, many a time I’ve wanted to go to Sandorfalva, I discovered that I am on my way to Szeged and need to turn around. It can be like that in church, we get used to a familiar road and routine that actually we miss where God is and continue on autopilot Több

Winter News
As I (Andy) approach my forties(!!), I realise that I’m not in the body of my teens and that I’m carrying too much weight. I’ve tried to control my diet better, cutting things out which are unhealthy (they always seems to be the tastiest) but to no avail. So come the new year, I’ll be going to the gym with a friend and together, we will work out, have fun and make a real difference to our physiques. Több

Autumn News 2015
Dear Church September is here, School has started and together, we start another academic year of life together. We have a friend who is living in Berlin and part of her renting contract is that she should open all the windows in her room and air the room. Whenever we had an ICF meeting in a german’s house, they would always open the windows whatever the weather was outside and freeze the small group! Több

Summer News
Hi Church I’m planning on writing to the church every three or so months just to talk about things going on in the next few months and how they work with our vision. Our house is currently being renovated and it is chaos. Workers come and go at all times of the day; Samm and I are currently living in ½ a room; it is noisy and everything has a thick layer of dust over it. Több