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Dear Church

Last week was interesting, sorry for the technical difficulties, I think we managed to connect and formed community :) This is the format for this Sunday Csaba is "preaching" and will provide some notes

  • I will publish the notes at 10am on
    • The webpage
    • Email
    • Facebook

Please discuss them and the bible passage on

  • The webpage
    • Use disqus
  • Email
    • Reply to the email
  • Facebook
    • Reply to the post
  • Skype
    • We will use Meet Now
      • See church email for the link
      • No need for an account
      • You can join and write stuff now
      • I will start the call at 10am
    • In order to make this work
      • Use a headphone/decent mike
      • Test your sound beforehand
      • Mute when not talking
  • Communion
    • We remember Jesus together at 11am
    • You need bread and something red to drink
    • Call/Text people who aren't online
    • Online Homegroups
      • English, 8pm wed skype
      • Others?


Közzétett: Március 27, 2020

Frissített: Március 27, 2020