Sion 2.0 (En)

Hi everyone

The world around us has changed. So, the church likewise must change too. We are not going to stream worship or teaching because Church is so much more than this

This times have forced us to change

This sunday we are going to have a gathering We will start at 10am in our homes.

The bible passage is Luke 6:1-12 Please read the passage and write on the facebook wall and/or the email list your thoughts and what you think God is saying

At 11am, we will have communion together. Everyone has bread, something redish wil do for the wine


  1. Let us know if you need anything
  2. Keep the number of posts on the sion page low. The page needs to be a community place. please use your own wall

I know that this is not the best solution but I am writing a webpage to solve this!

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Frissített: Március 21, 2020