Sion In The Summer 2020

Church is family; this is God's design and his intention for us to bring his kingdom closer. The most important thing is that we work together; we lose if some of us win the race really quickly whilst leaving others behind. The theological name for this is unity. Unity is mentioned in the bible because it isn't easy and you have to work hard with it. The church eldership works on having one heart and being in one in spirit. Time isn't an issue for resolving these issues as we do this together in love as we don't want to hurt anyone.

This approach is really important as the church restarts from lockdown. There will be p eople who haven't left their house all the way to those who are living normal pre-covid lives. Thank God, Hungary has a low infection/death rate compared to other countries but we have no idea where Hungary is on the virus life cycle. We need a plan which means we don't leave anyone behind, isolate people who are being cautious. So the Eldership together have talked/prayer and discussed our plan for church

This is the plan and it needs everyone's help. The plan is strict, if the planning criteria aren't met in the week, we will cancel church but we can relax these rules when we have a clear perspective on COVID19.


In order for church to happen, we need three different people to sign up by wednesday 20:00 for

  1. Cleaning. Cleaning is even more important to make sure that we don't spread viruses
  2. Porter. This is the person by the door behind a table who makes sure people have masks on, washes and disinfects hands. We will have a supply of masks for people to wear if needed but you will be refused entry without a mask!
  3. Lockup. This person makes sure the church is empty, closes all the windows and locks the doors

You sign up here -

If the form is empty, church will be cancelled for this week and hosted on skype.

We also need someone to make sure we have paper towels, soap, disinfectant and lots of disposable masks.

The church leaders have been quite seriously ill during the lockdown. This means we can't commit to making church happen weekly. Andy shouldn't come to church until September as his illness occurred from a reduced immune system. Church -------

Church will be set up as Community time and will last about 1 -> 1.5 hours Worship will be different

  • There will be no singing... its too dangerous

  • Everyone comes together and shares (1 Corinthians 14:26)

    • you can write it down and ask someone to share

    • Not just for leaders, people who like to talk!

    • Come to Share!!

      • some good news about God on what he's done in our lives
      • Praise
      • Pictures
      • Scripture
      • Be creative

Chairs will be spaced in a circle with 1.5m separation. Masks should be on at all times. We will only serve Tea/coffee/water, there will be no snacks. The sermon will be given in the circle and recorded using a microphone. There is a discussion time. We are thinking about how to do communion and for the Blessing DO NOT HOLD HANDS!!

Childrens church

This needs to be outside at all times with spacing. Lots of ice cream eating, walking and talking is advised! Children should follow the governments rules

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Frissített: Július 5, 2020