Summer News 2019

Hi Church

Sorry that there has not been much communication recently, Hopefully, there won’t be such a long wait until the next update!

Church is still working our way through the book of exodus and the narrative really fits our church’s growth. We are moving from a family to being a larger tribe.

This means that things are changing for the better and we need better organisation for this to happen.

One of the things which we need to change is our communication. Sion used to to run on a see-it, do-it mentality but now we are giving people responsible

So, If you see big things which need to be done, please ask - email and we’ll get the right person to get in touch. It is not great if people duplicate work/things being done and it would be horrible if people sacrificially do/give things which are opposite to the church’s plans/budges/direction.

The church leadership will also step up and talk more about our vision and short/long term plans

Here are some things which will be happening in the next couple of months - More details will appear close to the dates

  • Prayer time - Let’s pray as a church for power and the coming of the holy spirit from Ascension to pentecost

  • Church on the Farm - 14th July - Church on the farm followed by a lamb porkolt

  • The Festival of Shelters - An overnight camp out for our youngest!

  • The marriage course - We will be inviting people to come and invest in their marriages, over cake and coffee=-

  • The Alpha course - Is the place to bring people who have question about Jesus, cake/coffee, video and a friendly safe discussion

  • Newcomers - Are you new to Church? Wonder what we are and how we work? Come to this evening hosted by Csaba and learn about Sion!

  • 11th/18th August - Sion is on holiday

Grace and Peace

Andy and the church leadership team

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