Lent News 2022
Hi Church I was planning to write and give an update for lent but the world changing events in the Ukraine have changed all of that! I was asked what the church’s vision is … We love Jesus and we love the world. We stand against the darkness and together, we work to bring the Kingdom of God closer. So we will Pray - The bible is full of stories that God moves against an insurmountable force. Több

HNY 2022
One of the things of working in Hungary is the Doctor examination to make sure you are fit for work.It’s a nice idea but I’ve had many experiences ranging from the ridiculous (do at least 1+ hour of exercise per day everyday) to the invisible ( just sign here please…) The start of a new year gives us an ideal opportunity to reexamine our health,life and choices. This year, we are going to look at the 7 churches in revelations and see how healthy they were and how this applies to us as individuals and as the church Több

Lockdown 2.0
Dear Church, Lockdown is here and we can not meet in groups of more than 10. Like a good sermon, this email has three points: Small homegroups for the rest of the year - Its the law! The next two sundays, we will look at Luke 11:14-28 and 11:29-32. We have an exciting plan for Advent, I will send information next week. Sunday homegroup regulars at church are Több

Sion In The Summer 2020
Church is family; this is God's design and his intention for us to bring his kingdom closer. The most important thing is that we work together; we lose if some of us win the race really quickly whilst leaving others behind. The theological name for this is unity. Unity is mentioned in the bible because it isn't easy and you have to work hard with it. The church eldership works on having one heart and being in one in spirit. Több

Sion 2.0.1(En)
Dear Church Last week was interesting, sorry for the technical difficulties, I think we managed to connect and formed community :) This is the format for this Sunday Csaba is "preaching" and will provide some notes I will publish the notes at 10am on The webpage Email Facebook Please discuss them and the bible passage on The webpage Use disqus Email Reply to the email Facebook Reply to the post Skype We will use Meet Now See church email for the link No need for an account You can join and write stuff now I will start the call at 10am In order to make this work Use a headphone/decent mike Test your sound beforehand Mute when not talking Communion We remember Jesus together at 11am You need bread and something red to drink Call/Text people who aren't online Online Homegroups English, 8pm wed skype Others? Több

Sion 2.0 (En)
Hi everyone The world around us has changed. So, the church likewise must change too. We are not going to stream worship or teaching because Church is so much more than this This times have forced us to change This sunday we are going to have a gathering We will start at 10am in our homes. The bible passage is Luke 6:1-12 Please read the passage and write on the facebook wall and/or the email list your thoughts and what you think God is saying Több

Summer News 2019
Hi Church Sorry that there has not been much communication recently, Hopefully, there won’t be such a long wait until the next update! Church is still working our way through the book of exodus and the narrative really fits our church’s growth. We are moving from a family to being a larger tribe. This means that things are changing for the better and we need better organisation for this to happen. Több

Autumn News Letter
Dear Church We’ve moved and survived the first month at our new building! Many thanks to those who have searched, haggled, organised and moved us in - We are really grateful for the unseen work. However, the real work starts now! Our vision for the church building is to be like a lens - It helps us to focus on God and draw close to him (Concave, on the left) and helps us reach out to Szeged Több

Őszi Hirlevel 2017
Kedves Gyülekezet! Elköltöztünk, és túléltük az első hónapot az új helyen. Óriási köszönetet érdemelnek, akik a helyet felkutatták, lealkudták a bérleti díjat, és megszervezték illetve lebonyolították az átköltözést! Nagyon hálásak vagyunk ezért a háttérben végzett munkáért. De a dolgok java most kezdődik csak igazán! Az új gyülekezeti helyre úgy tekintünk, mint egy lencsére - segít abban, hogy Istenre fókuszáljunk, hozzá közelebb kerüljünk (a képen balra), és segít abban, hogy a Szegeden lakó embereket elérjük (képen jobbra). Több

Nyári Körlevél
A körleveleimet általában egy kedves sztorival kezdem, amit aztán összekapcsolok a levél témájával. Most nem így teszek. A gyülekezet ugyanis nem igazán működik: az emberek nem elkötelezettek, akik pedig segítenek, lassan teljesen kiégnek. Nekünk szintén nagyon szoros az időbeosztásunk. A dolgoknak változniuk kell, ezért változtatni fogunk az együttlétek menetén. A dicsőítésre szánt idő és a prédikációk rövidebbek lesznek, és lesz az alkalomnak egy olyan közösségi része, amikor interaktívan beszélgethetünk az élet dolgairól és a prédikációval kapcsolatos Több